Who We Are

The River District Association (RDA), formerly Downtown Danville Association, was formed in 1999 to coordinate efforts to revitalize the downtown Danville community, now called the River District.  RDA is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors which includes representatives from River District businesses and property owners, the City of Danville, and other community stakeholders.

Our city now enjoys accredited status under the Virginia Main Street Program.  The program is over 20 years old and is recognized nationally as the most successful formula for downtown revitalization.  We are committed to the Main Street Four-Point Approach™ of organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring.

What We Do

RDA follows the Main Street model to coordinate the public-private partnerships required to revive the River District.  We work with the City of Danville, area businesses, and institutions to develop programs and events to get the community working together; to market the area's unique assets; to get the district in top physical shape; and to attract and retain businesses.

Why We Do It

As our City Council and City Manager have publicly stated, the economic health of the city is impacted by the River District. A downtown with empty buildings and blight conveys a negative image; a prosperous downtown tells the world that the business sector can work well with the City to bring about positive change. With a number of development projects taking place, the River District has reclaimed its role as a vital, important and pleasant place to work, shop, and have fun.

When We Meet

The RDA Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 in the evening. For more information about these meetings, or to seek assistance with a matter, please call or email RDA's office or contact any Board member.

What You Can Do

We need YOU!  Would like to play an active role in the revival of the River District?  Do  you have any special ideas or talents, or simply want to volunteer with a project, please contact us by phone at 434-791-0210 or by email. One of our dedicated volunteer board members will respond.

We also have membership opportunities available to both individuals and businesses. To learn more about joining RDA, please visit the Partnership page.