Dream Launch Bootcamp

The RDA Dream Launch Bootcamp is for anyone seeking to learn how to open, run or expand their business. 

"The Dream Launch Bootcamp is an intensive workshop that will meet for 6 weeks beginning in January (with an additional week for food and beverage businesses) to teach participants a full slate of skills and information that business owners need. Participants that complete all 6 bootcamp classes may then elect to participate in the RDA IGNITE Business Pitch (For businesses planning to open brick and mortar locations in the River District) to compete for cash and other incentives. In addition to the RDA IGNITE Business Pitch, participants can elect to pitch in the Danville/Pittsylvania County Rev-Up Pitch Competition (for businesses wishing to open locations in Danville outside of the River District, or in Pittsylvania County) through the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce. 

Registration for the 2024 Dream Launch Bootcamp is now open at: https://bit.ly/2024RDADreamLaunch 

Thank you to the 2024 supporters of the Dream Launch Program:

The City of Danville

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