U Shine, I Shine

By: Kirsten Aherron










U Shine I Shine Car Care Services is located at 639 N. Main Street, Danville VA. The car wash and tire services station is open during the summer from 9am -5pm, Monday - Saturday.

Jr. Trent owns U Shine, I Shine, which opened at this location in 2020. Jr. had been eyeing the location for his business, but the owner wasn't interested in leasing it at the time. A few years later, while starting his church, Change of Heart Outreach Ministry, he leased a church building, and was speaking to the owner about finding a new location for his car wash and tire business. The owner said, "I have the perfect place for you!" And it was the building to which he was hoping to move!

The business is named, U Shine, I Shine because without customers that shine, his business couldn't be a success.

Jr. owns U Shine, I Shine, and his wife Michelle Trent owns Kamjz Medical Transportation. Jr. Trent is also the pastor of Change Of Heart Worship Center & Camera Ministries, participates in the Project Imagine Mentorship Program, and does prison ministry locally.

Check it out! See the photo for all the services offered.