Stories of the River District

River District Stories: Danville Science Center

The Danville Science Center is a division of the Science Museum of Virginia and is their first satellite location. Our mission is to inspire our visitors to enrich their lives through science. We want people to think about their world differently, to look at it through the lens of science and how science affects all facets of their daily life.  What does that mean? I often tell people that if our guests have left here with more questions than when they arrived, then we have succeeded in our mission.

Angie's Hats and Boutique

Mrs. Frances Brayboy, owner of Angie’s Hats and Boutique at 125 North Union Street, Danville, VA, began working as a manager there in 1984. In May of 1989 she had the opportunity to purchase the business and has been doing it ever since! She sells a wide array of beautiful custom designed hats and women’s apparel with the goal of providing any and every woman who enters her store with conversation, camaraderie and attire that makes them feel beautiful.